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Our Story.

Our vision is to put usefulness and customer-centric service back into the heart of the telecoms experience and bring our customers the fastest, most efficient solutions, at the cutting edge of communications technology.

Based in Manchester, we’re a dynamic telecom provider aiming to do things differently.

Our Values

Everything we do is underpinned by a commitment to our core values and the vision that drives us.


We listen to our customers and staff to drive the business in the right direction


We work together to achieve our shared goals for our staff and our customers


We bring businesses and people together by ensuring we use the best technology available

Our Story

Learn more about why we established IPEX:

Paul Sherlock, IPEX COO

Paul Sherlock - a New Direction

“Adam, Dan and I have worked together for a number of years at some of the UK’s biggest and most recognisable telco names. The experience and the skills we gained were invaluable but it became clear to us that there was a huge opportunity when it came to the customer experience.

“So many of the customers we dealt with were frustrated with the complexities of dealing with large companies and the pitfalls of third-party support and engineer vendors.

“We knew there had to be a better way, a way to streamline processes, remove reliance on external vendors and put the human relationship back into the heart of telecommunications.

“That’s what I am absolutely passionate about doing with IPEX. We want to put usefulness and service back into the telecoms experience and empower customers with great technology that just works, and doesn’t get in the way of what they want to achieve.”

Adam Wilson, B-Secur CTO

Adam Wilson - Building for Growth

“What I’m really proud of about IPEX is the breadth of our ambition. We’ve set some big growth goals, including being in the top five telecoms providers in the UK by 2020 and to be ranked within the top 10 SME businesses in the Sunday Times’s ‘Best Places to Work’.

“I know we can achieve them, because I have complete confidence in the people we have already brought into the business and the experts we are working with.

“Goals aren’t set for their own sake; we’re pushing ourselves to be different so we can change how the telecoms industry works and make real connections with our customers that will drive us all forward.

“We’re ready.”

Dan Cheesbrough - Beginning with People

“For me, achieving growth and transforming an industry has to begin with people - both IPEX people and our clients.

“Working with the bigger telcos really made clear to me how difficult it can be to maintain a meaningful customer relationship at scale and why having the right people in your business is absolutely crucial to achieving this.

“My focus at IPEX is all about putting the right culture in place and working hard to make sure our values are a living, breathing part of our everyday lives here, not just impressive words in a strategy document.

“Close customer relationships built on trust and respect are not just the goal, they’re also the way we will lead the industry and constantly improve our technology and processes.”


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