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Based in Manchester, we’re a dynamic telecom provider with a national reach, aiming to do things differently.

Established in 2017, IPEX was founded by Paul Sherlock, Adam Wilson and Daniel Cheesbrough who have come together from some of the UK’s biggest names in telecoms, including EE and BT.

We’ve seen first hand how frustrated customers are with poor customer service and the pitfalls of relying on third-party engineering support, within some of the industry’s most well-known telecoms companies.

We’re here to put usefulness and customer-centric service back into the telecoms experience and empower your business with great technology that keeps you connected, mobile and more productive than ever.

Our Team

We’ve invested in our team right from the beginning and are proud of the wonderful people we work with. From in-house engineering expertise to multinational customer service experience, we make sure our people share our values.


Why are we different?

We’ve developed a keen insight into what businesses in a range of industries need from their telecoms and we know how to support and empower businesses just like yours.


1) 24/7/365: year-round support

2) 4 9s availability

3) Multiple access methods for perfect solutions


4) Managed professional install with in-house networking and engineering support

5) DR built-in as standard

6) No partner ties for complete platform flexibility


7) Change networks at any time with no restrictions

8) Share data cross-network

9) Live, bespoke billing and usage reports

10) Inclusive device management

Our promise to you

Our customer relationships are built to last. We take our customer service so seriously we’ve created our own customer charter, and hold ourselves and our teams accountable to these customer commitments.


Download our Why IPEX? brochure and discover how we stand out from the pack - to help you stand out from the pack.



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