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Bringing Telephony and Networking Up to Speed for Mark Thompson Transport

From multi-national blue-chip companies to smaller individual firms, Mark Thompson Transport manages transportation and logistics for some of the UK’s leading companies.

Priding themselves on using the latest in transport technology, their ageing telephony system wasn’t able to meet the fast-paced expansion of their growing business.

IPEX’s expert in-house engineering support was to prove invaluable in getting their telephony infrastructure up to speed.

We spoke to the company to get their insights into their new IPEX telephony solution.

How did you become aware of IPEX?

“IPEX reached out to us at just the right time - we were struggling to work with our existing desk telephony system. It was becoming abundantly clear that it wasn’t flexible or robust enough to do what we needed to do and we’d completely outgrown it.

“When we were contacted by IPEX, it was the perfect time to talk.”

Can you share more about the issues you were having?

“Yes. In a way, it was a great problem to have - we’d expanded our teams exponentially at that point and were having problems with expanding our telephony system to cope with the new demand.

“Even seemingly simple things, such as adding new extensions, were proving difficult. It was taking more technical support to manage, something that we didn’t have the time or expertise to manage.”

Mark Thompson Transport | IPEX case study

What was the solution that IPEX implemented for you?

“IPEX conducted a thorough onboarding process with us, that included a detailed site survey, to get an understanding of any cabling and network limitations. We also met with their Head of Operations, Margaret, who came in to review billing with us.

“We’ve moved from a old, legacy system to software-based IT telephony, which is a big technology upgrade for us, really responsive and up to date.

“With our fleet and customer base growing by the day, it’s vital our communications are in place to cope. Only now are we confident of that.”

A Vital Technology Partner

Telephony is a fundamental part of our service, in a really demanding competitive industry. It’s vital we have a telecoms partner of IPEX’s calibre to help us stay ahead.
Mark Thompson Transport
Business continuity in telecoms

Invaluable, In-House Network Support

“On the day of install, an issue arose that hadn’t been unearthed during the survey, relating to our existing cabling and networking infrastructure.

Chris, IPEX’s head engineer, stayed on site with us for three additional days, working with us to rectify the situation and make sure everything was finished off.

“The value of having that level of engineering expertise in-house at IPEX can’t be overstated. The issue could have become a major headache if we had been attempting to coordinate with a third-party infrastructure vendor.”

Would you be happy to recommend IPEX, and if so, why?

“Absolutely. Telephony is a fundamental part of our service, in a really demanding competitive industry.

“It’s vital we have a telecoms partner of IPEX’s calibre to help us stay ahead.”


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