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A Tailor Made Solution for North West Tools.

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An 'ageing, inflexible' telephone system drove North West Tools to approach IPEX for a solution that would not only work the way they needed it to, but go beyond with robust call monitoring and reporting.

What was your initial telecoms issue, the ‘problem’?

"We had an ageing, inflexible system with poor reporting facilities."

How did you become aware of IPEX?

"We have worked with IPEX director Paul Sherlock in the past at one of his previous employers and had a great experience.

"Paul re-introduced himself about six months ago and introduced us to IPEX."

What was the solution that IPEX implemented for you?

"Specifically, it was the Horizon Portal and Polycom handset system with Akixi reporting."

Tailored Solution, Robust Reporting

"A much more robust system, specific to our needs and requirements, with a more complete reporting package, at no extra monthly cost.
North West Tools

What have been the results of the solution we implemented for you?

"We were able to implement a much more robust system giving us a tailor made system, specific to our needs and requirements with a more complete reporting package at no extra monthly cost."

How would you describe the process of working with IPEX?
"We did experience some teething problems to begin with, however IPEX worked quickly and methodically to resolve the issues."

Would you be happy to recommend IPEX, and if so, why?
"Yes, we would be happy to recommend IPEX. They are very approachable and professional." 

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