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No more data overspends for CAIS

CAIS is a registered charity and leading voluntary sector provider based in Wales. 

Launched in 1976 with the mission to create a world where people have inclusive, consistent support tailored to their needs.

Improving network coverage in a remote area and reporting on data spends is crucial.


What was your initial telecoms issue?

"We completed a staff survey to understand how we could support our staff better and quickly noticed a running theme in signal coverage being a problem.

"Wales is known for its idyllic landscapes, which are fantastic to hill walk in despite the rain, but not so great for mobile service and coverage.

"We also had an issue with data overspend, we wanted to be able to track and alert our usage when close to the maximum, unfortunately our current provider was unable to supply this, so we started exploring other options."

How did you become aware of IPEX?

"When we came to seeking quotes for upgrading our telephony, our IT Manager suggested we contact IPEX.

"We acquired three quotes from various telecoms companies and chose IPEX based on the level service we received."

What was the solution IPEX implemented for you?

"We now have a trackable report and alert system that provides real time notifications to ensure that usage is distributed correctly and data overspends are a thing of the past.

"IPEX implemented over a hundred mobile devices and introduced an additional offering of lone worker devices - to assist with our staff duty of care.

"Our team have access to alarm fobs and app for data back up. Once pressed, the alarm sends a signal and automatically contacts the local authorities."

Dedicated Account Manager

Ongoing customer service and consistent check-ins from Margaret have been invaluable.
Sandy Ackers

Would you be happy to recommend IPEX?

"I would recommend the customer service the team provided to us.

"Margaret, from the operations team, stands out because she always goes the extra mile to ensure that our changing needs are met."


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