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No More Missed Calls with Intelligent Phone System for CPOMS

CPOMS is an award winning child protective software company.

Based in Yorkshire, CPOMS are suppliers of software to safeguard children for thousands schools across 23 countries.

CPOMS have an intuitive system to help with the management and recording of child protection, behavioural issues, bullying, special educational needs, domestic issues, therefore, the need for robust seamless communications able to handle an influx of seasonal calls is paramount.

What was your initial telecoms issue?

"Our promise to schools is that we will ensure students are safe and fully supported at all times while online. However, with the growth of our customer portfolio, the old telecoms system was inadequate meaning we were unable to fulfil that promise."

"As you can imagine, seasonality plays a huge part in our business, with term times seeing our call volume spike and as a result we were missing a high percentage of those calls.

"We had no ability to track or report on anything in the system so monitoring a return on investment for either the telecoms system or costs per head in the team was nigh on impossible."

How did you become aware of IPEX?

"I became aware of IPEX through a mutual network. I was recommended their services and at the time I was looking for a new provider to solve the challenges we were facing.

"I had looked into a few different companies and based on IPEX’s customer service and clear explanations of the solutions they could implement, I had confidence in my decision to go with them".

What was the solution that IPEX implemented for you?

"IPEX provided us with a robust phone system capable of adapting to the demand of calls. They installed a wallboard and reporting system, enabling agents to track their KPIs and management to monitor and support where necessary.

"We receive around 1000 calls a day from our schools. Our previous phone system would allow every inbound call to go through to every phone in the office, causing a loud intrusive atmosphere that didn't align with our values and meant that we weren’t providing the best environment for customers or staff. As you can imagine, some agents were working more than others, and the new routing process of the telecom system ensures this doesn’t happen.

"The new phone system from IPEX, spreads the workload equally by routing calls to a specific agent, using an intelligent system that automatically monitors the volume, duration and activity of that specific phone login."


Going above and beyond

IPEX engineers dedicated some additional time to train our staff on all the features of the new phone systems.
Laura Wild, CPOMS

What have been the results of the solution we implemented for you?

"The results have been fantastic. The phone system and strong firewall defence have allowed us to provide a better service to each of our customers.

"The wallboard and intelligent call routing system has helped our staff feel more supported and happier at work.

"Running and monitoring reports has facilitated management to see an overview of the team and highlight successes and areas for improvement."

How would you describe the process of working with IPEX?

"The process with IPEX was incredibly smooth, it was better than I could have expected."

"I had complete confidence that everything IPEX said they could do, would be as promised and delivered within the agreed timeline."

Flawless due diligence

There was no downtime in the switch to the new phone system, the swap happened literally over night and IPEX were on hand to manage the entire process.
Laura Wild, CPOMS

Would you be happy to recommend IPEX, and if so, why?

"Yes, I couldn't recommend IPEX enough. The entire process from introduction to implementation was smooth and only took a few months.

"I have great confidence in any telecoms solution IPEX implemented.

"It was an absolute delight to work them, the team were very genuine and the solution we have been left with is the best case we could have wished for."


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