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Saving Money For Millwall Football Club

Millwall Football Club is a professional football club in Bermondsey, competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English football.

With the majority of their employees working from different fixed locations and scouting around the world, Millwall FC faced a challenge. Will they be able to drive down their telecommunications costs while keeping the level of customer service their clients require?

We think you know the answer to that.

What was the initial telecoms problem?

"Anyone who follows football will know that there is a high turnover of players moving to different clubs throughout the duration of their careers. Our job is to scout players for Millwall, which evidently requires an element of travel.

"This brings me to our first issue, under our previous provider our bills were extortionate when an employee was overseas. We had no way to track and alert our data packages which meant that most months we were being stung by a hefty usage bill.

"The second issue we suffered from, was the inability to increase or decrease the amount of numbers registered to the business. Seasonality plays a huge part in the business of football but our previous provider was only able to offer full contracts with no flexibility for scale."

How did you become aware of IPEX?

"I had met Kim previously, so when I was tasked with optimising our telecommunications, she was my first point of call. Kim and her colleague Dan came to visit the site and took time to understand the business needs, before discussing the relevant solutions IPEX could offer.

"I was impressed by the range of offerings and how bespoke they were able to make the solution - nothing seemed too much hassle for them to implement."

What was the solution IPEX implemented for you?

"IPEX were able to implement a flexible network solution for us, which allowed us to provide employees with the strongest network connectivity dependent on their working location. Almost instantly our employees expressed that they add better connections and able to provide the level of customer service we promise.

"From a management point of view, we now have a fantastic real time billing system that provides live updates and enables us to cap an employees usage or alert when they are nearing the limit. This has been the most important part of the solution because we are now able to budget more accurately and keep our spending under control."

Impressive customer service

Within football, all the IT managers know each other and frequently share tips on service - I will be recommending IPEX to all for providing such a credible service.
Michael Kesta

How would you describe the process of working with IPEX?

"I have to praise IPEX as a whole for delivering exactly what was promised within our tight timeframe. We switched from our previous provider to IPEX within two weeks - it was a very smooth process.

"Admittedly, I was nervous about any down-time for the team, glitches in the reboot or complete blackout for the team travelling at the time of the switch. I am ecstatic to report that no such issues were encountered.

“Kim and Dan were fantastic when they came to meet us, and I must credit Margaret for her helpful support at the time of the switch. She was able to coordinate and schedule the switch for various employees to suit their agendas.

"The team at IPEX have continued to monitor and inform us on our data usage to ensure we don't exceed our data usage while we adjust to the new system."

Would you be happy to recommend IPEX, and if so, why?

"I would recommend IPEX for numerous reasons. Their customer service is beyond the standard contractual agreements - everything we asked of them they provided and broke down costs accordingly.

"The solutions they offer covers everything that a business could possible need when it comes to telecoms and the team explained all the options and made suggestions of additional services that could support us further without trying to sell us a package we wouldn't need."


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