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Saving Money by Switching to Hosted VoIP

Manchester Jewish Housing Association (MJHA) is a Jewish-led housing association, providing sheltered and family housing primarily but not exclusively for the Jewish Community.

MJHA was founded in 1959, when a strong need was identified for a Sheltered Housing scheme for older people.

Looking to move from a legacy system to an updated telecoms system with more flexibility and functionality, the team at IPEX worked fast to implement the right solution.

What was your initial telecoms issue, the ‘problem’?
“With the threat of BT discontinuing the service and repair of analogue lines, we started to explore other companies and the various solutions they provide.

“Moving from telephony to VoIP was a natural progression, having already migrated our IT system to a hosted solution.


How did you become aware of IPEX?

“When we started our search for new telecoms partner we had set criteria.

“We wanted a local supplier with an office we could call, an in-house, fully skilled team without having to rely on sub-contractors.

“From our initial search, IPEX were the company we felt most comfortable with.


What was the solution that IPEX implemented for you?

“When we met with IPEX they expressed the benefits and importance of focussing on digital transformation across the organisation.

“They implemented a comprehensive hosted VoIP solution enabling our team to provide a high standard of customer service in the office or remote.

Not only was the customer service great when we were finalising the solution, but post sale the team have remained dedicated to ensuring we utilise all functionality and solved any issues we have efficiently.

John Gryckiewicz

What have the results been of the solution we implemented for you?

“Since we implemented the new solution we have experienced improved communication both internally and externally and achieved better team collaboration.

“Another bonus has been the long term cost savings, which in the current climate has been extremely beneficial.


How would you describe the process of working with IPEX?

“From the initial enquiry to the installation the progress was seamless and efficient.

“IPEX have a solid team of professionals who know telecoms and understand how our business works.”

Would you recommend IPEX?
“I would happily recommend IPEX, for both their telecoms solutions and their excellent customer service.”

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