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Communication Transformation for This is Prime

This is Prime is an award winning sales recruitment and training company.

Based in Manchester, with a second site in London, they’re on a mission to change the perception of sales and remove the risk from recruitment.

Disrupting the traditional recruitment industry with innovative training solutions, efficient telecommunications is vital to commercial success.


What was your initial telecoms issue?

“Simply put, at This is Prime, we recruit and train the best graduate salespeople. The way to be the best is to remain ahead of the competition, so we’re always investigating ways to improve our service.

“In the last few years technology has played a huge part in the business revolution. We didn’t have an issue, as such, with our previous provider we just wanted to see what was available and what the benefits could be for us.”


What was the solution that IPEX implemented for you?

“We’re a growing business and will a strong 2019 we knew we needed an additional load of desk phones and a new telephone system.

“Our Manchester office is situated under the Deansgate railway, as you can imagine there can be an amount of disturbance on the line and sometimes our signal can fail completely. IPEX performed a site survey to find black spots and understand the office set up to implement the best bespoke solution.

“They supplied a telephone system that integrated with our existing CRM which has provided our team with features to assist with their productivity, including screen popping note pad, which is essential as recruiters are infamous for not staying on top of admin duties.”

“IPEX provided extra value in their site visit by completing a health and safety check of the premises and organising all of our wires and routers so that wires were hidden and protected by cable ties and trays.


What have been the results of the solution we implemented for you?

“Productivity in the team has increased and note taking has become much more streamlined and accurate.

“Recruitment can be a high intensity stressful environment so technology that reduces tedious tasks and gains a competitive edge will be always be well met by the team.”


Always looking for innovation

“We needed new technology to keep the team engaged and more productive with their admin.”
Neil Clough, This is Prime Managing Director


How would you describe the process of working with us?

“The process was smooth and uncomplicated from the beginning. The guys we dealt with were very honest throughout the process and kept us updated on the progress.

“They definitely delivered on a great service where nothing was too much hassle for them. I was impressed with the transitional period where we had no downtime in the switch to the new system.”


Would you be happy to recommend IPEX, and if so, why?

“I highly recommend the IPEX team to anyone looking for a seamless service offering with a company who fully understand your needs and will deliver what you asked for and more.

“We are actually, back in talks with IPEX about adding another solution to what they have currently implemented, a new analytics system to assist our guys in achieving KPIs and getting more rewards.”

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