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5G and Its Impact on Business Telecoms – and More.

5G and its impact on telecoms

If you’re interested in mobile technology, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of noise around 5G.

The next generation in mobile internet connectivity is promising more speed, more connected services and more reliable connections but what does that really mean for your business? 

To start, let’s take a look at what 5G encompasses.


What is 5G?

5G stands for the fifth generation of mobile communications or wireless technology. It’s a natural evolution of mobile technologies, following on from:

  • 1G - analog voice.
  • 2G - digital voice.
  • 3G - mobile data.
  • 4G - mobile internet.

Typically, you can mark the difference between Gs as the higher the G, the quicker the data transmission speed.

But there’s a little more to it with 5G.

From our current understanding, 5G is predicted to deliver:

  • Increase in speed to move data.
  • Increase in responsiveness.
  • Ability for multi-device connections.

While 4G runs on radio frequencies below 6GHz, 5G is likely to use much higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths, meaning support per square metre is increased, so the potential for greater, more comprehensive coverage is there too.

How Will 5G Impact Business Telecoms?

Faster, better download speeds should improve the quality and consistency of video conferencing and remote communication tools.

It should also mean faster, better and more consistent coverage for an increasingly-mobilised workforce. 

What’s really interesting to think about is the impact 5G could have on communication in ways we’ve yet to conceive. It’s likely to drive new advancements in telecoms technology.

5G and its impact on business telecoms

5G - Driving Economic Growth

Qualcomm commissioned The 5G Economy report, stressing 5G as a driver of global GDP growth and predicting that by 2035:

  • 5G mobile technology could enable up to $12.3 trillion worth of goods.
  • 5G mobile value chain could generate up to $22 million jobs.
  • 5G will enable more than $2.4 trillion in economic output for the automotive sector.
  • 5G will enable more than $1.1 trillion in sales across the broader health care sector.

When Will 5G Be Available?

EE announced a 5G live trial earlier this month, with high capacity zone testing in Canary Wharf where there are thousands of connected devices in use. This trial marks a big milestone in bringing 5G capability to the UK.

From a consumer perspective, 5G-ready smartphones are expected to hit the market in 2019 with Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC just a few of the providers who are aiming to bring out 5G-enabled devices.


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