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Any Network, One Bill

The keystone of mobile connectivity is agility, regardless of geographic location.

Network providers are aware that some areas of the UK offer seamless connection whereas other areas can suffer from stuttering connectivity.

Providing flexible, scalable and seamless coverage across the UK, combined with seamless transfer and single billing, IPEX offers the epitome of a streamlined mobile solution – any network, one bill.

IPEX pride themselves in in technology that just works. Partnering with the UK major networks, we guarantee a simplified service, maximum coverage through the very latest mobile connectivity innovations.

This is complemented by expert, personable and professional customer service to help identify and implement the ideal mobile management solution. We do not have ties to a single supplier.

Customers can switch networks with minimal disruption and even less hassle. Our dextrous service means that customers can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • The freedom to change from network-specific contracts to a network with zero restrictions
  • Smart software solutions that enable live, bespoke billing and usage monitoring
  • Cross-network shared data that keeps your business connected without hidden costs
  • Central MDM management that boosts data security and productivity across all apps

The benefits

Choose an agile, scalable solution - one that enhances the organisational efficiency of your business. IPEX's single billing for fixed locations, on-site or remote working employees is both convenient and simple to manage.

Customers have access to tailored contract benefits: favourable data allowance, 5G connectivity, data roaming and many more with consistently exemplary signal strength and scalable solutions regardless of their geographical location alongside a single billing solution, even when using different networks.

Many telecom providers either prohibit of actively discourage changing network solutions because of underling signal strength issues that affect performance in certain areas of the UK.

For example, Network A may have optimal performance in the south east on a single usage basis. However, they cannot guarantee the same performance in the northwest. IPEX circumvent this problem by actively connecting you to the foremost network in your area.


With IPEX’s customer-centric any network, one bill mobile connectivity solution, customers can ensure the strongest connectivity solutions, improving communications and bolstering their service offerings to customers.

Unique Telecoms Solution

There are five core attributes of our any network, one bill solution. Together they are indicative of the ease, flexibility and efficiency our reputation holds.

  1. Improved employee engagement
  2. Shared data allowances across different networks
  3. Mixed fleet solutions
  4. Exemplary customer satisfaction
  5. Promote ease of communications for a happier workforce

The Takeaway

IPEX offers a unique service which promote supply chain agility and flexible connectivity solutions. As the surest means of securing sustained connectivity solutions, regardless of geographic locations, businesses can be assured of supreme network communications.

Simplifying mobile communications management, customers can free themselves from the burden of network specific contracts, enjoy smart solutions, bespoke billing and usage monitoring, share cross network connectivity that keeps your business connected with single billing.

Moreover, with zero hidden costs and the opportunity to boost productivity and data security across all apps and devices in a centrally managed ecosystem, IPEX’s services offer nonpareil value for money.


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