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The Best Smartphones of 2019 – So Far

Samsung Galaxy S10+

We might only be four months into the year but with tech events such as Mobile World Congress and CES already under our belts, the biggest names in consumer tech are already battling for our attention with smartphone releases.

If you’re managing devices within an organisation, chances are you might get some requests for the latest, most interesting handsets around.

Save yourself some time - we’ve taken a look at some of the new devices on the market to keep you up to speed.

Best Camera

Are you looking for the best smartphone or are you actually seeking out the best mobile camera that can also connect to the internet and make calls?

Increasingly, the camera is the key differential for the latest devices, especially as our passion for social media continues to scale.


The company may be subject to scandal of late, but there’s no denying Huawei are producing some top quality goods, and the Huawei P30 Pro has caused quite the stir.

Boasting a 40 megapixel rear and 32mp front camera with 5x optical zoom capabilities and four rear lenses this is a powerful bit of kit that can deliver even in low light.

Best Display

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a curved glass back and screens filling the front of the phone for a simply beautiful display of 6.4 inches, with high dynamic range (HDR) support for a truly vivid and dynamic picture quality and quad-HD+ resolutions.

For the best viewing experience this is the handset for you, importantly supported up by a decent battery (4,100mAh).

TechRadar has described it as ‘one of the world’s best smartphones’.

Best from Apple

Apple are facing stiff competition right now, as the handsets from Huawei and Samsung above illustrate.

But with many of us already in bed with the Apple ecosystem, it can be difficult to make the leap to Android, especially if you consider all the integrated benefits Apple offers.

From iTunes to Apple Pay, Apple know how to provide a smooth user experience and their latest handsets are still pushing the innovation boundaries.

iPhone XS Max

Take the iPhone XS Max (pronounced ‘Ten S Max’) - that’s a name to be reckoned with - the most expensive iPhone ever has a 6.5 inch OLED screen with 1242x2688 resolution. This means the shots you’ve taken with the dual lens camera and depth-sensing capabilities look incredible, and it’s great for storage,  with up to 512GB built in.

The increased screen size has been long awaited by some Apple fans, and for those who find this too much to handle, the smaller iPhone XS is the alternative with a 5.8 inch display.

Best Android

For the Android fans within your business, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is impressive.

In addition to the display and accompanying battery life to back it up, the device uses Samsung’s new Wireless PowerShare, so that you can wirelessly charge other devices.

A good all-rounder for us is the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, with powerful specs to beat competitors such as the large 6.39 inch display, with QHD resolution and HDR10 support plus an impressive camera front and rear.

Looking for something a little more palm sized? You may want to try the Google Pixel 3. It has the same power and impressive camera - with clever night mode - as its bigger sibling (Pixel 3 XL) yet it’s a more comfortable fit for the hand and pocket.

Managing Your Mobile Devices

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