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How to Choose the Right Mobile Network for Your Business.

Mobile networks for business

Choosing a mobile network as a consumer is a process you’re likely to have been through many times. You've probably flitted between providers for the best offers when your contract has come to a close, often led by who can provide the latest device at the lowest cost.

But how do you choose the right mobile network when you’re responsible for mobile management across a business?

Weighing up the considerations between the UK's major networks can be daunting. Worst case scenario, you could end up locked into a contract that isn’t delivering value and utility.

We’ve helped many of our customers find the right mobile solution for them (and escape a few bad ones too), so we can share some insight about how to choose the right mobile network for your business.

Define Your Requirements

A good place to start is by conducting an internal audit of your current mobile usage and needs, taking a thorough look at the mobile services and devices currently employed by your organisation, and their associated costs.

Are you offering devices as standard, perhaps unnecessarily? And do you have a handle on usage and activity, to see where your requirements lie?

A telecoms audit could help identify the gaps in your current setup and help you move towards a more suitable network provider.

Start with Coverage

While remote or mobile working can boost productivity and foster collaboration and engagement across your teams, signal coverage can range between providers.

The leading mobile networks cover 99% of the UK, but you’ll need to make sure your preferred networks offer robust coverage in the locations your teams need to operate in.

A multi-network solution could be the answer here.

If you have a clear idea about these fixed locations and you know that one specific network performs better there than others, having a solution in place that pulls in the right network for the right location is ideal.

Multisim Technology

Multisim technology is gaining ground to help with securing coverage. 

Some of the latest mobile devices deploy this technology, which allows a single sim card to automatically connect to the network with the best signal, wherever you travel to.

The benefits of this are clear; you can preserve connectivity for your teams on the go and be more responsive to customers with no fear of missed or dropped calls.

Outstanding customer service

Customer Service

This is a crucial one in our eyes. One of the main reasons we were inspired to establish IPEX was to bring customer service back into the heart of telecoms.

Choosing a network provider for mobile needs right across your business is a big trust exercise, when you consider how vital team and customer contact is. Communication is the lifeblood of our businesses, no matter what we do.

Do your due diligence by researching customer reviews and talk to as many people internally as you can before committing to a business contract.

Work with a Trusted Partner

Choosing the right mobile network for your organisation’s needs can be a challenge, given the number of variables that can influence your decision.

If you need expert help, talk to us. We have partnerships with the UK’s major networks to bring our customers the latest mobile connectivity and technology for maximum coverage, all wrapped up in IPEX professionalism and warmth.

IPEX implemented a new mobile management package that gave us much greater control on our spend. Our new contract is extremely competitive, and gives us access to the latest devices.
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