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How to Embrace Unified Communications

Unified communcations

Employing the right communication infrastructure is crucial for any industry, as evolving technologies have become vital to commercial processes.

From Dropbox to Microsoft Intune, businesses the world over rely on desktop and mobile device management tools to deliver a responsive and efficient service to their clients globally.

The landscape of commercial communications has evolved vastly over the last few decades.

Arguably, the microcosm of this evolution is found in the IP telephony sector.

A business without a telecoms infrastructure that aligns with its commercial goals faces significant issues.

Could unified communications (UC) offer the solution?

Defining Unified Communications

Unified communications refers to a solution that combines voice and telephony, video, and web-conferencing, messaging and other communication applications.

Trying to compare a standard commercial communications infrastructure with a unified communications solution is as futile as comparing the iPhone X with the Nokia 8210.

The latter is archaic technology, no longer fit for purpose. The same is true of standard communications.

Businesses can enjoy a clear competitive advantage by using a single system to manage multiple tools. From fixed line or mobile connectivity to security and cloud data storage, the potential impact is extensive.

Moreover, two of the most notable benefits to adopting a unified communications approach are the access to mobile device management tools and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) capabilities, which can greatly enhance workflow processes and versatility.

Remote workers can enjoy the same level of access to services integral to their role as their office-bound colleagues.

Employee’s personal devices (smartphones being the most common) can be seamlessly integrated into a communications infrastructure or operated in tandem with commercial devices.

Is Poor Connectivity Holding Your Business Back?

What Does This Mean for My Business?

The benefits of embracing unified communications are substantial. They include:

  • Reduced Costs

Embrace UC and you will streamline and more accurately allocate financial resources. Utilising more cost-effective communications infrastructure, mobile device management tools and cutting-edge technological innovation allows you to focus on what you do best.

  • Scalable Cloud Solutions

UC allows businesses to design a communications solution which is tailored to their needs. Fast, efficient and scalable cloud solutions mean that businesses can evolve their communications infrastructure as they evolve. Additionally, harnessing the cloud boosts productivity, can be easily set-up, and allows for multiple party access simultaneously, and provides 24/7 access to data.

  • Agile Mobile Application

Businesses reliant on mobile technology will find UC tailored to their needs. They can choose from a mix of networks to maximise coverage, bespoke plans, dedicated account management and proactive usage alerts – all of which promotes seamless communication.

  • Enhanced Productivity and Security

With clever apps for multiple devices that can be centrally managed, enhancing productivity can be achieved in a cinch. Moreover, rigorous security features, including data encryption and remote wiping of data protect businesses against the threat of nefarious digital attacks offers decision-makers complete peace of mind.


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