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Five Minute Insights with IPEX: Maintaining Culture as We Grow.

You’ll know by now that at IPEX, we’re aiming to do things differently.

We want to offer insight not just into the services and solutions that we offer but also the people, the thinking and the learnings behind the IPEX brand as we grow. (You can learn more about our story here.)

In our new Five Minutes with IPEX series, we’ll be sharing what’s on our minds, what we’re working on and what we’re inspired by.

In this first article, director Dan Cheesbrough shares more about our values and culture, a topic close to his heart.

Bringing Our Values to Life

“It’s a great time to reflect on our journey, as we move towards celebrating our first birthday at the end of September.

“Our first year has been more exciting, more fun and more challenging than we anticipated but as we grow, our goal is to keep our culture and our people at the front of any decision we make.

“Lots of businesses claim to do that, but I’m determined to make our core values more than a nice wall decal to greet visitors to the office.

“That’s easier said than done for us at the moment. We’re bringing in new team members, onboarding new clients and all of us are consumed with the practicalities of each day. It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in a growth period like the one we’re in.

“For me, there are two ways to bring your values to life and preserve company culture.

“The first is the most important, and that’s to ensure that I and the leadership team lead by example. It sounds cliche but I do mean it. Our core values are to listen, collaborate and communicate and it’s important we embody those values.

"Are we listening to our customers and our people? Are we sharing knowledge? Are we being open and clear?

"We have to hold each other to account on these questions.

“The second is to ensure that your values form part of everyone’s everyday decision making, all those large and small decisions and actions that make up how we work, interact and treat our customers and our colleagues.

"Was I being honest and upfront with my client? Did I listen in the right way to my latest prospect? Did I support my colleagues today when they needed me?

"These are the questions I want our teams to constantly be asking themselves.

“Maintaining culture as we grow isn’t easy but it’s vital if we’re going to be the type of company we set out to be and to find and keep the people we need to get there.”


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