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Five Ways to Manage Mobile Costs Across Your Business.

Managing mobile device usage and costs across your business can be a real headache.

With multiple devices in play across different locations and a range of call requirements, it can be difficult to get a grip on the costs.

We’ve got some tried and tested methods that can help inform the right mobile device management solutions for your business.

1) Conduct a Telecoms Audit

One of the best places to start is with a thorough telecoms audit. A telecoms audit is a review of all telecom services and hardware currently employed by your organisation and their associated costs.

Is it possible you have offered mobiles as standard to your employees without questioning whether they are actually required?

Have you monitored usage and activity to see whether the need justifies the cost? It could be that different staff have different needs and you’re paying over the odds. Do you have people working across different locations? You'll need help managing this rapidly changing environment.

An audit will help you answer these questions.

(Read our article ‘Do I Need a Telecoms Audit?’ to learn more.)

2) Move to the Cloud

Cloud technology is empowering some clever, low-cost communications solutions for businesses.

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows you to make and receive calls using the internet, mitigating the need for hardware and often proving to be more flexible and cost-effective than traditional telephony setups.

You could investigate implementing VOIP solutions for team members who are already desk-based and using a computer, to reduce mobile costs.

(Get our thoughts on switching to VOIP.)

3) Combine Plans

Bulk packages can often offer better value for money, so it’s worth investigating the options of using the same provider for both broadband and mobile deals.

It may be that you’ve previously disregarded a provider for their mobile deals but if you are willing to discuss combined options you might find more palatable prices suddenly become available.

There are lots of tariff options for shared employee plans, so shop around.

4) SIM Only Options

Replacing and managing handsets can be expensive and time-consuming. Do you really need them?

You mightn’t have to deploy new handsets just to avail of a new offer - consider SIM only deals that are on the market.

SIM only deals can be flexible, easily changed and cost-effective in a real business environment where it’s likely most employees will already have a personal mobile.

5) Handset Management

If you can’t manage without mobile phones, make thoughtful choices in accordance with what features your teams really need. Handsets can add up considerably.

Do you need 64g storage when the company policy states business phones should only be used for mail, web browsing and calls?

Proactive Mobile Management from IPEX

One of the best ways to reduce mobile costs is to take an active role in reviewing mobile usage. IPEX proactively manages your services with daily, live usage alerts to avoid any nasty billing surprises.


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