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Five Minutes with IPEX – Harnessing Mobility in Your Business

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In 2019, it has never been more important to harness commercial telecoms mobility.

For some businesses this may represent a complete change of strategy. However, to remain competitive, embracing a mobile solution is the only option.

We’re living in the age of technological innovation - the age of 5G mobile phones, cloud solutions, wearable technology, BYOD in the workplace and the Internet of Things.

Businesses face a choice: evolve or face professional regression.

Embracing mobility-based telecoms innovation is now a non-negotiable aspect of what customers expect and what businesses must deliver.

It is also a key driver of productivity and efficiency.

What Will Harnessing Mobility in Your Business Do?

Agile and reliable solutions partnered with efficient and responsive third-party engineering is the cornerstone of efficient telecoms servicing. Should your current infrastructure be unable to provide this, you will need to overhaul your existing strategy in favour of a complete telecom digital transformation.

Harnessing mobility in your business, you’ll be able to enjoy key advantages including:

  • Freedom – no longer will your business have to endure restrictive, expensive or inadequate network-specific contracts that obstruct clear, focused communication. You’ll also be able to change your network with zero restrictions.
  • Proactivity – enjoy the use of intelligent software solutions that will streamline commercial processes. Achieve real-time bespoke billing and usage monitoring from remote locations.
  • Data – share cross-network data without having to incur costly roaming charges. Keep connected to clients and colleagues whilst ensuring that commercial overheads remain manageable and in-line with commercial budgets.
  • MDM – boost productivity and data security with a range of apps that can be downloaded to multiple devices and centrally managed by you.

Exciting Times Ahead

Let IPEX’s Chief Technology Officer, Adam Wilson share his insight into the value and necessity of telecoms mobility:

Adam Wilson, B-Secur CTO

“For businesses to remain competitive in their commercial marketplace, the ability to communicate efficiently must never be compromised.

“Customer relationships are today, arguably, more important than ever. Businesses must be striving to provide the best possible level of service to each of their clients.

"At IPEX we do exactly the same, helping customers harness their commercial potential with cutting-edge technology and services.

Harnessing mobility in your business is a sure-fire way to deliver unrivalled customer service levels, whilst maintaining efficient colleague relationships – something that customers will benefit from also.

Interested in learning more about harnessing mobility in your business and telecom digital transformation? Find out more in our great free download, Why IPEX?



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