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Telephony solutions for business sustainability in the wake of COVID-19

The impact that the coronavirus is having on commercial enterprise is unprecedented.

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak collectively announced that the UK has not faced economic disruption on this scale since the advent of WW2.

Making sure your business has a virtual infrastructure to cope with the evolving healthcare crisis is paramount.

On the 4th March 2020 global consultancy firm, Mercer, announced that 51% of companies globally have no plans or protocols to combat a global emergency like COVID-19.

Given the gravity of the current healthcare situation, the only way to safeguard our economic stability and protect the health and well-being of the UK workforce is to swiftly implement a seamless virtual transformation.

The Challenge

A virtual transformation will be a step into uncharted territory for many businesses – one that could prompt large-scale global disruption. However, as the days and weeks unfold, it may well become a commercial requisite.

Working from home will become an extension of the office. For success, organisations need to adapt and quickly move from panic to business as usual.

Remote working presents its own unique set of logistical challenges, from project delivery co-ordination to customer communication.

However, luckily technologies like VoIP and mobile device management provide businesses with the solutions needed when working remotely.

Why You Should Invest in VoIP Now

Switching to a VoIP system now gives businesses the assurance that they’ll be able to meet commercial objectives despite enforced working from home. VoIP services will allay any commercial anxieties through superior performance in times of economic and commercial disruption.

In transmitting data online by packet switching, VoIP is automatically more efficient. Services are scalable and additional features, such as auto attendants, call recording and conferencing are available to users.

The Top Remote Working Benefits VoIP Offers

In addition to the enhanced efficiency, reliability, scalability and unique features VoIP offers businesses, there are several other benefits that make VoIP essential when working from home.

Virtual Meetings

COVID-19 has prompted many to become extra vigilant – and created a semblance of heightened anxiety. This mindset can penetrate all areas of our lives, including our professional one.

VoIP’s flexibility is a highly desired attribute essential to smooth operations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For instance, calls can be easily transmitted and monitored on different devices or forwarded from your office. You won’t have to worry about missing urgent or vitally important calls.

It is ideal for video conferencing. This can be especially important when face-to-face business meetings are likely to be infrequent in the immediate future. Not only that, managing business personnel is much easier with VoIP phone systems when personnel spend much of their time out of the office.

Screen sharing is an easy yet powerful way to foster immediate collaboration, anywhere at any time. Users can to share a live video feed of what is happening on their computer’s screen, with other participants of the web conference.

The rise of the virtual interview has been progressively increasing in the last five years, with businesses acknowledging in 2018, 43% of employees spend some time remotely working.

Now in 2020, with the enforcement of social distancing, online job interviews via technologies such as, WeChat Work, Zoom and Slack have experienced a rise nearly fivefold since the start of the year.

Feature Versatility

Using VoIP allows businesses to multi-task, managing communications across different devices and therefore optimising productivity. Businesses can receive text to voicemail transcriptions that are sent directly to recipient’s email inboxes.

Calls can also be forwarded to voicemails with ease. This can help colleagues coordinating projects no-end as messages can be forwarded to multiple inboxes at the click of a mouse. This can be especially helpful when communicating with colleagues across the UK or the globe when everyone is working from home.

VoIP offers a wide range of strong collaborative tools including, screen sharing for co-viewing to optimise distance learning and virtual presentations. Inbound screen popping notebook integrated to your telephony system that automatically appears when a call is connected.

Given the current climate, maintaining a high level of customer service is a priority.

With a potential increased demand for services, using the automated screen popping tool to track information such as date of call, time of call, and who did the call, alongside the call recording, you’ll know your customers and their interactions with your business.You’ll have the ability to address their desires quickly and accurately.

KPIs for measuring remote workforce performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been used across all levels of an organisation to measure productivity, performance and efficiency. When it comes to working from home do you have the right infrastructure in place to monitor your employees.

Gain management oversight on trackable data including, occupancy rate, call volume, average time in queue, service level, customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

The Solution

IPEX provides businesses with assured operational confidence with their employees working from home in the wake of the current coronavirus pandemic. Our innovative VoIP solutions help businesses make a seamless transition between office-based operations and remote working.

We provide a no-restriction network solution to businesses who have employees working in locations with unreliable primary network services. This allows businesses to improve their service offering, even in times of commercial disruption.

Our any network, one bill solution allows businesses to have the confidence of superior connectivity at an affordable and easy-to-manage cost.

The ability to direct all office calls to different devices and apps bolsters connectivity even in tumultuous commercial times. From mobile apps to laptop and desktop computers we can provide a reliable 24/7 telephony service that can integrate into almost any CRM.

You can be assured of a swift, seamless digital transformation that, once integrated, will be centralised, portable and trackable for optimal performance.

Flexible contract agreements and additional sim availability for new and existing customers allows for scalability ease. You can even choose between 30, 60 or 90-day contracts – something that could provide an attractive short-term solution. Once the contract term has expired, it can be renewed or closed, allowing businesses the opportunity to tailor a solution to their evolving needs.

Telephony solutions for business sustainability in the wake of COVID-19.

Earlier this month, Global consultancy firm Mercer published an article stating that 92% of office-based employees would prefer to work from home if working in an office is no longer a possibility.

With the UK now on official lockdown and most workforces remotely working for the foreseeable, businesses need to seamlessly transition from panic to business as usual. This means being proactive in developing an infrastructure that ensures a seamless transition.

VoIP offers telephony solutions for business sustainability in the wake of COVID-19. Businesses should look to those companies who champion such innovative technology, like IPEX, to help them to manage their operations until the threat of the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.


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