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Understanding Connectivity Part 2: Security

Security in connectivity

In part one of our new short series ‘Understanding Connectivity’, we took a look at how the connectivity needs of businesses have changed dramatically in recent years, driven by advances in technology.

(You can recap here.)

This week, we look at the security implications of an increasing reliance on internet-based communication systems, including how to protect your data, manage more mobile devices and understand the new role of telecoms providers.

Data Protection

Moving to a reliance on connected services for your telecommunications means that you’ll require robust data protection services, particularly in the light of new European legislation that enforces strict processing and storage standards on the personal data of individuals.

Cyber crime could also become a pressure point, posing a risk of customer data loss or even identity theft.

Don't be alarmed - any telecoms provider worth their salt will be able to advise on mitigating these risks.

Good security practice could include:

  • Setting up advanced firewall policies to protect your network and data
  • Making sure you have regular, secure and compliant backups in place
  • Application deployment and management at the core and the edge of the network across all devices
Mobile management

Mobile Management

Greater connectivity means greater flexibility. There’s no doubt that the popularity of using internet-based telecoms owes a great deal to being able to connect mobile devices for remote working.

This type of mobility boosts productivity and contributes to employee engagement but carries a certain amount of risk.

Adding new devices and users to your network should be carefully managed.

Productivity apps are rising in popularity, but again, these apps need to be managed so as not to weaken the security of your network. Consider carefully how to manage third party applications and services for your remote workforce.

Your Telecoms Tech Partner

The data security angle of greater connectivity is vital. It’s imperative you find a provider that you can trust with your data.

We’ve found it interesting to note how the role of a telecoms provider is changing from that of a communications partner to a tech partner, and IPEX is no exception.

We're big supporters of the increasingly-digitised nature of communications and have dedicated engineering and networking resources in-house to provide the security you need to get the most from your solution.


Looking for the right tech partner for your telecoms? Unsure about the data risks? IPEX has you covered.



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