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Using Telecommunications to Improve Customer Experience

As any business knows, optimising customer experience is paramount.

The advent of the digital age has created a transparent and ubiquitous commercial landscape and fostered a greater emphasis on making emotional connections than ever before.

People buy into businesses that provide them with the solutions they’re looking for in the most convenient and straightforward manner as possible whilst promoting emotional keystones.

Telecoms solutions are one of the primary ways that businesses can improve their customer experiences and engagement and ultimately bolstering commercial revenue.

Customer Avatars

How you choose to market your business and interact with your customers is crucial.

The root cause of failed marketing tends to be down to one simple mistake: not understanding who your target audience is.

Customer avatars demonstrate the businesses under their customer personas – an attribute that IPEX takes great pride in.

Identified as an online communications application, a customer avatar provides vital, efficient and quick service to customers who they contact your business. They deliver a superior level of customer service, improve the conversion rate of potential buyers, and increase overall customer engagement online.

Moreover, technology is constantly evolving. Today, customer avatars can even identify facial expressions and tone of voice with customer’s voice responses. Such characteristics increase engagement and prompt customers to invest more time when engaging with businesses.

Auto Attendant and IVR Capability

How often have you made a phone call, got through to a customer service representative only to that they’ll have to redirect your call whilst you’re put on-hold and left listening to ten or more minutes of music occasionally interrupted by sales voice overs?

We’re guessing it’s a lot. Does this demonstrate a commitment to providing good customer service? Absolutely not.

VoIP provides two solutions to this: auto assistance and Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Customer calls can be immediately answered, even when any business representatives are unable to speak to customers at that moment.

These virtual assistants answer the call and listen to voice prompts, directing a call to the right person, improving communication efficiency and communication drastically – something that the solutions provided by IPEX deliver.

The Integration of Customer Data

It’s not only customers that benefit greatly from click-to-call VoIP applications. Business representatives are able provide a much more efficient and helpful service to anyone they speak to, through the integration of customer account information.

By integrating customer account data from CRM or Office 365 into a VoIP system, representatives can immediately identify who they’re speaking to, when customers call and, if necessary, transfer them to the appropriate person quickly, thereby eliminating redundant conversations and potential wasted time.

Screen popping features automatically display all relevant customer information at the point of communication. Caller ID, voice response, or an automatic call distributor (ACD) are all recognised before a connection is even made to the agent.

Voice-to-Email Responses

It might be a smidge premature to say that we’ll never be able to eliminate the need for voicemail entirely – and who knows what revolutionary technology this decade will bring! – however, VoIP creates real-time voice messaging possible.

Traditional phone systems require employees to manually check their voicemail for messages. Voice over Internet Protocol converts voicemail to text and sends it over email instantly. This promotes a responsive customer experience – something that is highly valued in today’s modern working environment.

However, the true benefit of this is the flexibility that the service affords. Businesses can communicate with their customers across multiple devices  from mobile to desktop computer anywhere in the world.

Remote Working and Values Customers

With more and more businesses choosing to employ remote workers, what can be lost is a sense of uniform communication between the customer and the business. Voice Over Internet Protocol allows businesses to promote a transparent contact list with numbers with the same origin and that appear as a localised number even if the employee is based on the opposite side of the country – or even the world!

What’s more, these direct lines can be used as emergency means of contact or for phone calls out of normal working hours. They can also be provided to important or highly valued customers who need or desire more consistent communication.

This service isn’t exclusive to VoIP, but there is one important attribute of the technology: converting voice into a digital signal drastically reduces potential costs. This allows SME’s, for example, to compete with blue-chip businesses and provide a 24/7 service.

Telecommunications infinitely improves customer experience

Any business with the ambition to grow and evolve needs to adopt a focus on creating a lauded customer service. Voice over Internet Protocol applications are essential to optimising commercial communication.

IPEX’s solutions will help your business achieve this, allowing you to hone the customer experience and operate with assurance and expertise.


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