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What Does 5G Mean for Businesses in 2019?

As the end of the year approaches, we thought this would be a good time to take a look ahead at 2019 for business telecoms.

One thing that looks set to continue being hyped is 5G.

5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications or wireless technology, is being touted to revolutionise the speed of our communications and drive the next generation of mobile devices.

The official rollout date for full 5G infrastructure isn’t until 2020 so what can we really expect in 2019?

And can 5G do more for us than increase the data speeds of our smartphones?

5G in 2019

The push to get the UK’s mobile network infrastructure ready for 5G implementation is still ongoing but EE is leading the UK’s 5G charge, announcing earlier this year the first six UK cities to get the technology in 2019 - including Manchester.

At present, this will be limited to fixed wireless broadband ISP style connections.

Are your teams keen to take advantage of 5G-enabled mobile devices? The earliest devices will be available later in the year with handset launches likely to be announced at upcoming consumer tech shows CES and Mobile World Congress.

Some manufacturers may prefer to wait to see how 5G capability is received before launching devices - particularly with the supporting networks in development.

5G's Innovative Potential

We think 5G will kick off another wave of innovation that we haven't seen in the last three or four years.
David McQueen, ABI Research

For us, while 5G matures throughout 2019, we’re interested in the innovative potential of the technology.

The Qualcomm-commissioned report, The 5G Economy, predicts that by 2035 5G mobile technology could enable up to $12.3 trillion worth of goods.

5G will bring your business significantly faster download speeds and better and more consistent network coverage but there are also some exciting future innovations in play, particularly when it comes to video.

Advanced Streaming - video content will become more prevalent as it becomes more accessible. More interactive experiences will be possible, currently restricted by download speeds, making conference and multi-location calls more reliable.

Video calls - 3D video calls utilising faster, better connectivity could make your conference calls more ‘real’ - no more dull calls.

Holographic Calls - Vodafone is going a step further by developing holographic calls, starting with a live trial filmed in Manchester in September of this year. (Watch here.)
Picture the use cases - from simple exercises in staff training to impressive product demonstrations or pitches to potential customers, unencumbered by location.

Our Take?

5G looks set to make great strides forward in 2019, getting the network infrastructure in place and giving us our first look at 5G-enabled handsets, but the really exciting stuff is still to come. What's clear now is that 5G looks set to push the needle on how advances in technology drive how we communicate with our customers.


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