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What Does the ISDN Switch Off Mean for My Business?

Back in 2015, BT confirmed plans to switch off existing PSTN and ISDN telephone networks by 2025.

While 2025 may still sound a long way off, the phase out will actually begin in 2020, after which BT will not install any new ISDN systems or services.

Any remaining BT service users will be migrated to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

With a decade of advance notice, this has been a subtle wake-up call for businesses to assess their use of legacy telecoms technology.

At IPEX, we’re not just ahead of the alternatives to ISDN, we’re excited by them.

Ignore the alarming rhetoric most telecoms businesses are leading with - seize the opportunity to review your telecoms infrastructure across the board and make sure it’s ready to grow along with your business.

What Exactly is PSTN and ISDN?

PSTN aka Public Switched Telephone Network is an analogue form of communication carried over copper wiring, allowing for voice to voice engagement, essentially the traditional phone lines we are all familiar with.

ISDN aka Integrated Services Digital Network is a digital form of communication that allows for both voice and data to be transferred between parties, but still based on these traditional phone lines.

Why is ISDN Being Switched Off?

Now that cloud technology is transforming business telecommunications, ISDN may seem outdated but when the technology launched back in 1986, it revolutionised how companies did business. Replacing dial-up, it was the original high-speed internet service.

The ISDN switch off is merely an evolution of a now obsolete technology and indicative of the exciting advancements the industry has made.

ISDN Alternatives

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP is a cloud-based technology that has been growing in popularity in recent years and looks set to supersede ISDN.

VOIP allows you to make and receive calls using the internet, mitigating the need for hardware and often proving to be more flexible and cost effective than traditional telephony setups.

Research by TalkTalk revealed that 96% of businesses who had adopted VOIP reported cost savings as well as the ability to implement robust business continuity plans.

VOIP is flexible, efficient and doesn’t require new hardware, presuming you have a robust internet solution in place.

(We’ve written about the advantages of VOIP before - get more details.)

An Opportunity to Transform with IPEX

We think the ISDN switch off presents the perfect opportunity to review your existing telephony and networking infrastructure and get ahead with business transformation.

We are experts in VOIP and can work with you to create the perfect, flexible solution that will grow and expand as you do. 


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