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What is Mobile Device Management?

As workforces become increasingly mobile, managing a fleet of devices across multiple locations with differing requirements can be complex and costly.

Enjoying the benefits of mobility raises some security risks too, with devices and their data and apps at risk of loss or malicious use.

This is where having a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place can help you take advantage of mobility and mitigate its risks.

What Is It?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution that gives you central control of devices in a wide network, and typically helps you monitor and administer device data, security, applications, web activity, and data transmission.

A good solution should also be supported by a policy that educates staff on device and data security best practice and common risks.

Mobile device management

How Does It Work?

Administrators set up policies hosted on a server, whether physically in the office, or more increasingly, cloud based.

This server communicates the policies through software installed across the organisation’s suite of devices, and can even be installed on various IoT tech.

Why Do I Need It?

The clearest advantage is data protection. As we move increasingly toward remote working, taking our devices outside of the office brings with it inevitable security risks.

Not only the potential loss of valuable assets, but more significantly the data contained on, or accessible by them.

MDM allows password protocols to be enforced, data encryption and even remote wiping.

How Do I Choose the Right MDM Option?

Subscription, cloud-based MDM options are gaining popularity, with no need for an in-house server and greater freedom for your business, without being tied in to lengthy service contracts.

Before reviewing what’s out there and at what price, think about and outline your requirements.

For example, does your business allow employees to use personal devices for work use? If so, you’ll need to be able to manage and protect company data independently from company data.

Mobile device management

Mobile Freedom

Don’t lose sight of the reasons for deploying MDM solutions or let the risks hold you back -  to empower your teams to work anyplace, anywhere and keep your business connected is powerful.

In fact, it's fast becoming a non-negotiable for both your customers and for your people, and a big driver of productivity and efficiency.



Need help with the right MDM solution? With our technical and mobile expertise, you'll enjoy freedom and security, with no compromises



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