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What’s the Risk of Hosted Telephony?

The Business VoIP market has become a booming industry, in part due to the looming ISDN switch off, but more so because of the advantages of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) for cost savings and efficiency.

With the move toward VoIP, businesses can choose between accessing cloud-based services on a subscription basis - otherwise known as hosted telephony - or having the supporting infrastructure in-house with a dedicated on-site server.

So what are the risks?

Hosted telephony is a popular choice. As a fully managed solution, it offers relatively simple set-up, continual support and the ability to scale with your business demands and in most cases, means less risk, as it removes the requirement for in-house technical expertise to maintain and upgrade the system 24/7.

As VoIP is reliant on the internet, inevitably, there is an element of risk whether hosted or in-house, and you must ensure strong security practices are in place.

As standard, your VoIP telephony service should follow complex data encryption protocols to protect against

  • Fraud - vulnerable connections can expose sensitive and personal data, allowing hackers to use the data maliciously
  • Viruses - an unprotected server can be a victim to automated bots firing repeated requests that lead to an unresponsive system and potential downtime
  • Mismanagement of calls - without encryption, calls are subject to interruption, interception, and can even be redirected
  • Impersonation - a weak system can be manipulated to make outgoing calls, allowing an attacker to disguise themselves as your business

In addition to complex encryption protocols to protect your data in the cloud, you’ll need to ensure that your business devices are protected too. This includes limiting access to only authorised users with strong password protocols in place, installing firewalls and the latest software security updates, and establishing 24/7 monitoring.

Just as security measures are improving, cybercrime capabilities are advancing. The advantage of a professional hosting provider means you won’t need to worry about keeping pace, as it will all be taken care of behind the scenes and you can focus on your business operations and your customers.

Take trusted professional advice to ensure that you protect your business and your customers. We’re here to talk you through the options, tailored to your specific business requirements.


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