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Why schools choose IPEX as their telecoms provider

Despite its role in preparing young people to move to a technology forward society, the education industry has remained ironically resilient to change.

However, the digital revolution hasn’t forgotten education and with the deadline for the ISDN switch off fast approaching, schools and colleges have started to introduce new technologies.


If your school is in need of a new telecoms supplier, then you’ve probably started requesting quotes from three different suppliers. With recent cuts to already stretched budgets, schools are under more pressure than ever.

As a busy school operations manager, you don’t want to spend any longer than necessary looking for the right supplier.

With no capital budget required and monthly operating options available, IPEX could be the right telecoms provider for your school.

Leveraging telecoms

A partnership with IPEX ensures telephony solutions for disaster recovery, an upgrade from ISDN to VoIP and a robust system capable of maintaining service in high demand.

Most schools and academies, constantly need to adapt to changes in environment and yet most have ISDN telephone lines which makes no use of VoIP.

A hosted telephony solution based in the cloud can provide flexibility that modern school staff need.

The challenge

Your school is unique. You know that. We know that.

One of the biggest challenges facing many schools is ensuring effective communication between teachers, parents and pupils.

ISDN is incapable of effectively completing the following crucial actions:

  • Phone line dedicated to absences with voicemail facilities.
  • Absence logs for both ill students and staff members.
  • Call queuing capable of managing high volume of calls during exam periods, snow days.
  • Phone line in every classroom for crisis management and evacuation procedures.
  • Group pick up, answering an incoming call from any connected device.
  • Call recordings for safety and training.
  • Wifi phone to enable movement.

The solution

Every school is different, but at IPEX we provide the same level of service to each.

We'll send our dedicated field team to complete a site survey, this includes testing the signal strength around the premises, understanding the pain points and reviewing the current resources which can be transferred. Following the deployment of new infrastructure, we install and train staff to ensure effective usage.

The VoIP system solution that we implement will improve the efficiency of schools’ call handling, for example, the Auto Attendant helps manage and channel callers to the correct member of staff, while the voicemail feature means they can capture all calls for individuals, significantly reducing admin time.


For more information on IPEX's credentials and our complete service offerings, download 'Why IPEX'



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